Trivia is a game that helps users enhance their knowledge with multiple choice questions in 6 knowledge categories: History, Geography, Science, General, Sport and Entertainment. The time limit to answer the given question is 15 seconds. Trivia is also a entertainment game that allows users to compete against friends and people around the world. Hope you enjoy and have nice experience with Trivia Play.


You can search Trivia Play easily on Game Store of Facebook Messenger. Game Store looks like a game controller and is located near the message input box. Trivia Play is available now on Facebook and Messenger for IOS and Android. Beside, you can play Trivia Play through Messenger.com on web browser. There is a simpler way to play game is click on the button below.

You can invite your Facebook friends through group chat on Facebook Messenger by clicking on game icon and choose Trivia Play. I can also click on Invite friends icon , then select groups or friends who you want to play against.

Trivia Play is not just a quiz game but also a knowledge game. Users can gain lots of useful and interesting knowledge in various categories. Trivia Play includes multiple choice questions that help users brainstorm knowledge in a simple and comfortable way. So, Play Trivia Play to have fun challenging with your friends.

Currently, Trivia Play is only available on Facebook Messenger and Facebook now. However, we are developing a Trivia Play version for the App with more new features and will be launched soon. Hope to receive your support.

Don't be hesitate to send your question to our page: 'https://www.facebook.com/Triviaplay.net/ Trivia Play is always looking forward interesting question from you!